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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Program /

Master of Business Administration


As an engineering professional, you realize the importance of making the best of your resource and those of the people with whom you work. Basic management skills enhance your engineering credentials and provide an ability to adjust to rapidly changing conditions in the workplace. It is critical to understand the world's cultural, political, legal, and economic environment as it affects you and your organization.

Due to the demands of your career, you may not be able to attend traditional day classes pursuing your educational goals. If this is your situation, the MSIE/MBA program may be just right for you.


Since 1984, the School of Business Administration and the College of Engineering have joined together to offer an unique dual degree program for engineering professionals. This program makes it possible to earn two separate degrees at the same time, a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) and Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA). The MBA degree is accredited by AACSB - The International Association for Management Education.

This exciting 60 credit-hour program starts every January and is completed in 2 years and one semester. Classes are held on Saturdays and during inter-sessions. Students begin and complete the program together, progressing through a pre-determined sequence of courses. A bachelor's degree in any engineering and at least 3 years of work experience is required.


IEN 572 Management of Technology 3 Credits
Semester 1
ACC 600 Accounting for Decision-Making and Control 3 Credits
IEN 612 Design of Experiments 3 Credits
MGT 600 Managing Responsible Behavior in Organizations 3 Credits
Semester 2
ECO 690 Essentials of Economic Theory 3 Credits
IEN 641 Applied Operations Research 3 Credits
BSL 695 Legal Implications in Executive Decision-Making 3 Credits
Semester 3
FIN 602 Fundamentals of Finance 3 Credits
IEN 665 Advanced Production Systems 3 Credits
MKT 660 Foundations of Marketing Management 3 Credits
IEN 694 Master Project 3 Credits
Semester 4
ECO 691 Managerial Economics 3 Credits
FIN 603 Advanced Corporation Finance 3 Credits
IEN 660 Productivity Measurement and Evaluation 3 Credits
Semester 5
CIS 621 Management Information Systems 3 Credits
MKT 672 Services Marketing 3 Credits
MGT 660 Leadership and Motivation in Organizations 3 Credits
Semester 6
MGT 602 Human Resource Management 3 Credits
MGT 658 Strategic Management 3 Credits
IEN 657 Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics 3 Credits


The program is intended for those holding a bachelor's degree in any of the engineering disciplines (aerospace, architectural, biomedical, computer, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, nuclear, etc.). Applicants should have a minimum of three years work experience. In choosing candidates for the MSIE/MBA program, the Admission Committee looks at the "total" person - men and women who show a pattern of achievement and the ability to assume increased responsibility during their careers. The Executive MBA Admission Index assesses each candidate based on the following factors:

  • Years of business-related work experience
  • Years of management experience
  • Level of current position
  • Maturity
  • Undergraduate grade point average
  • GMAT score (if required)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Undergraduate School
  • Undergraduate Major
  • International experience
  • Intercultural experience

Classes start each January. Because class size is limited by facilities, candidates are encouraged to apply early. The admission review process begins in the summer for admission to the following year's January class. Thereafter, applications are reviewed monthly and candidates are notified in writing when they have been admitted to the program.

After a class has been filled, a waiting list of qualifies candidates is complied. Candidates are notified when the status changes. Each group of students moves through the program together, sharing educational and professional experiences.


Application Form
An application form for admission must be completed, signed by the applicant, and submitted to the Graduate Business Programs Office with a $50.00 application fee.

Candidates for admission are required to hold a baccalaureate degree. Official transcripts for all undergraduate course work as well as any post-graduate course work from each college or university attended must be sent directly to the Graduate Business Programs Office.

A detailed current resume listing all work experience is required.

Personal Information Session
A personal information session is scheduled with each applicant. This session provides the opportunity to discuss the program requirements.

Students are required to attend Orientation which is the official beginning of the program.

Students selecting the MSIE/MBA program will also be evaluated on their engineering background. The Graduate Records Examination Test (GRE) must also be taken prior to admission or during the first year of the program.

Study Groups
At orientation, study groups are formed. These small group meetings are an integral part of the program. They provide an opportunity for academic and social interaction that enriches the overall experience of he program.

Financial Assistance
Many Executive MBA students receive full or partial tuition payments through their company sponsors. Other students receive loans to pay for their graduate education. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services, 305-284-5212.

Other payment options that are available to Executive MBA students include deferments, third-party billing, and monthly payment plans. For information concerning the payment options, please call the Office of Student Account Services, 305-284-1311.


Graduate Business Recruiting and Admissions
University of Miami, 305-284-4607 or
Department of industrial Engineering, 305-284-2344


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